Bozeman Dentist Reviews

Choosing a new dentist can be a daunting task, even in the small town of Bozeman. When there 

are dental offices on seemingly every corner you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Here are some 

tips which should help the process of narrowing down your choices:

● Ask people you know. Get as many opinions as you can, but you don’t 

necessarily want hearsay. The best live review would be from someone who 

actually went to the specific office they are talking about.

● There are many online resources available today where customers review their 

experiences, Google reviews, Yelp reviews, just to name a couple.

● Another option you have is calling around local offices and asking if they do 

consultation visits. If they do, you should schedule an appointment to get a feel 

for the place, ask any questions you may have, and get a feel for the people that 

work there too.

● One large factor you need to consider is the difference between a general dentist 

and a family dentist. Are you looking to care for just your teeth or yours and the 

teeth of your little ones?

● It is often a good idea to find out how long the dental practice has been in 


● If the dentist you are consulting with cannot or will not perform certain 

procedures, ask about their process of referring you to other dentists who will.

● It is a good idea to ask about emergency care that would be available through 

that office, such as extended hours or emergency availability on weekends.

● Get some quotes for pricing on any procedures you need or think you may need 

in the future.

● If you are considering cosmetic surgery it is a good idea to ask to see before and 

after photos of previous patients at that office.

● Ask about their options for anesthesia.

● Ask if there are any options they offer for patient comfort, like headphones, or 

heating pads, etc.