Bozeman Montana Pediatric Dentistry

At [re]Think Dentistry we understand that your child's healthy dental cavity is important and therefore needs to be well taken care of while they grow and develop. Please contact us through the following number in case of any pediatric dental emergencies call our Bozeman, MT office at: 406.587.9700. You can also send a direct email to or fax to 406.587.9209. 

[re]Think dentistry is a Bozeman health care clinic located at Bozeman Montana. It is well equipped with modern dental health care facilities with professional team of dentists and pediatrician who work and assures you of the best results—this is what makes it to be the best dental care clinic in Bozeman Montana. 

Our Bozeman, Montana pediatricians have a special health care focus which deals in handling dental health care for infants, children and teenagers. It’s well served by special team known as Bozeman, MT Pediatric dentists.
Pediatric dentist is a special dentist who specializes in treating and taking care of infants, children and teenagers. He/she sees all the development of infants' teeth through to their teenage age. 

Importance of pediatric to your child's healthy dental growth
Have you ever stopped for a moment to think of how teeth is important to your child? Either way am going to tell you from professional level why they are important to them.

Just like your teeth, a baby's teeth is also important in performing functions such as eating and chewing.
Before a child develops permanent set of teeth, he/she first develops a set of teeth called primary teeth.
These set of 20 teeth starts to develop before a child is born and completely erupts when a child is three years old. 

Primary teeth is very important to a child as far as chewing and eating are concerned.
However its most important role is that it provides proper foundation for the growth and good positioning of permanent teeth as soon as they start to grow. 

It also controls the development of muscles and jaw bones that accommodate teeth.
Other importance of these teeth is that it actually controls the speech development of a child and also contributes to your child's good shape and beauty! 

Primary teeth therefore needs to be properly taken care of by a professional who clearly understands its importance and how to maintain it like the pediatric [re]Think staff care here in Bozeman Montana who will ensure that your child's dental health condition is well taken care of.

Failure to do this, will only results to your child developing dental health complications which might interfere with the development of their permanent teeth or results into an improper speech development because of improper pronunciation of words. 
Children tooth emergencies in Bozeman, MT and how to handle them
Before even taking your child to a pediatric dentist, check whether he/she has some of following common dental emergencies. Some of them you can just nurse them at home but some requires immediate pediatric dentist's attention. 

Knocked out baby tooth
When a child knocks out his/her teeth, contact your pediatric dentist because this in most cases, is not an emergency. 

Bitten or cut lip, cheek and tongue
In this case you will need to apply ice or any cold substance on the injured part to control swelling. Apply some gentle pressure using a cloth if there is any bleeding. If the pain persists, contacts your pediatric dentist. 

In this case, you must first clean the teeth using warm water and use dental floss to remove any lodged food particles between the teeth. If pain persist, contact our pediatric professionals here in Bozeman, Montana. 
If the emergency involves any of the following:
• Fractured tooth
• Severe head blow
• Fractured jaw bone
Then take your child as fast as you can to a nearby dental health clinic. 

Nobody wants there child to have incomplete growth because of dental issues or being constantly infected by health problems. This is why we at [re]Think has developed a special unit in our clinic to help you save your child from these problems. 

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