[re]Vitalize Your Smile

Dr. Helley provides a broad spectrum of general dental services.  Whether your needs are simple or complex, Dr. Helley is committed to revitalizing your smile to its full potential.  [re]Think Dentistry is equipped with the latest in advanced dental technology to minimize discomfort and maximize results for every procedure we perform.

Our General Dentistry Services Include:

Adult & Child Teeth Cleanings

Even with routine tooth-brushing and flossing, tarter can develop in difficult to reach places around your teeth. This mineralized plaque builds up over time and can cause cavities, tarter build-up and even gum disease. Our professional teeth cleaning service, for patients of all ages, includes tooth polishing, scaling and root planing, and debridement to ensure the cleanest results to keep our patients teeth healthy and strong. We recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned about twice a year, though, more frequent teeth cleaning examinations may be necessary during the treatment of other oral or dental disorders. Maintaining good oral hygiene will help to keep your mouth healthy and looking great!


For patients that have developed deep and narrow fissures in their teeth, usually occurring in molars, we can provide a Fissure Sealant, which will protect the tooth from decay. This preventative treatment uses a special dental paint comprised of plastic to overlay the tooth, flowing into all of the tooth's nooks and crannies, sealing it and covering the fissure, protecting it 100%. This procedure allows for easier teeth cleaning and helps prevent the tooth from decaying. A tooth compromised by a fissure, and untreated, is 5 times more likely to develop tooth decay, so if you think that you may have a tooth in the back of your mouth that may have a fissure, give us a call today to schedule a consultation.


Fluoride is used by dentists to prevent dental decay and protect tooth enamel, and is an important part of caring for your teeth and overall oral hygiene. We recommend all of our patients treat their teeth with fluoride during their visit, though, it is not necessarily a part of every treatment.

Tooth Colored Fillings

A simple and common solution to restoring an imperfect tooth to its proper form is a filling. A chip, crack, or dent can literally be filled with a composition that matches the color of your other teeth perfectly. Whether the case calls for a solution to tooth decay, above normal wear, aesthetic reasons or to replace a previous filling that has come out, we can assist you.

Dental Bridges

For patients requiring a solution to missing teeth, or a single missing tooth, there is truly no better dental studio in Bozeman than [re]Think Dentistry. Though there are are several ways to go about it, a dental bridge can be a perfect restoration for a missing tooth between two other teeth. A dental bridge will literally bridge the gap between two teeth, or implants, created by a missing tooth, or teeth, and fill that gap with a replacement. This is a fixed solution and the quality of our work will allow your dental bridge to last for decades.


A dental crown is essentially a tooth shaped cap that covers an affected tooth completely. A crown is used to cover teeth that are heavily worn down or decayed, restoring the patient's ability to chew properly and the appearance of the smile. Our crowns are matched perfectly with the teeth that surround it, and can last your lifetime if properly maintained. When your teeth have had too many fillings, or your filling keeps failing, a crown could be a great option for you.

Inlays & Onlays 

These custom restorations, are long-term solutions to missing parts of a tooth. Fitting seamlessly into the affected area, inlays and onlays can offer an outstanding result to fill the space that may have decayed or been damaged. An inlay is a restoration made to fit into the missing space on a tooth, and an onlay is a restoration that is placed on top of the tooth, replacing some or all of the tooth's naturals cusps. Lasting much longer than a filling, and with the precise care and attention Dr. Helley offers, you can expect maximum comfort and craftsmanship.

Dental Extractions

The days of painful "pulling teeth" are over, and we here at [re]Think Dentistry pride ourselves on making this commonly dreaded procedure as simple and comfortable as possible. Upon careful examination, we will help you determine the best approach to removing the tooth. Dr. Helley is capable of extractions ranging from simple to surgical. With careful technique and precision, we will have the tooth removed painlessly before you even know it.

Night Guards

Occlusal Splints, more commonly known as night guards, are removable dental appliances that are molded perfectly to your upper or lower teeth arches. Night guards are used for many reasons, including protecting the teeth from grinding, managing jaw dysfunction or creating space between teeth prior to a procedure. In some cases, we will create partial coverage night guards if only a section of the teeth need to be paid attention to. We only create our night guards with the most comfortable and durable materials that fit around your teeth perfectly and that are easy to clean.