How much do dental implants cost?

There are many factors that go into calculating the cost of a dental implant. Due to the surgical 

nature of the procedure, implants tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum as far as cost of 

dental procedures go. 

The procedure for an implant is considered surgical because most of the work happens under 

your gumline. The main part of the procedure is the placement of the titanium anchor in your 

jaw, or palatinus bone. For this anchor to be set, your bone has to be drilled and cleaned. Then 

the anchor is screwed or set into it’s new home. Once the anchor is in place, an abutment is 

attached to the anchor. This is the mounting point for the new crown. 

To offer an outline, here are the parts of the procedure that will be charged:

● If applicable, a decayed or dead tooth may be removed before the implant is placed.

● There is the initial cost of x­rays, which offer a look into where the anchors for the 

implants will be set. 

● Then there is the actual surgery of drilling the new home for the anchor, cleaning it, and 

setting it.

● Cost of materials for anchor and abutment

● Cost of materials for the new crown to be fabricated.

● Cost of placing abutment and crown.

Charges for implants alone, with no other consideration for bone grafting, tissue grafting, or 

tooth extraction usually cost $2,000­ - $3,000. If other procedures are required, such as the ones 

listed above, the range moves up to $4,000­ - $9,000. 

The placement of the abutment and crown can cost anywhere from $500­ - $2500. Also bear in 

mind that these estimates are for a single implant only.

Insurance does not typically cover the costs of dental implants, but it may be worth checking