How much does molar extraction cost?

● There are many factors that play into the cost of a molar extraction.

● The first factor is whether or not the appointment is an emergency. As a general rule of 

thumb in the medical and dental fields, emergencies cost more.

● The second factor is the type of insurance coverage.

● The third factor is whether or not the tooth is fully erupted, or above the surface of the 


● The other end of the spectrum from eruption, some teeth may become what is called 

impacted in which they have been blocked from emerging into their proper place by 

other teeth, bone, or even tissue. Impacted teeth are the most difficult teeth to remove, 

and will have to be removed surgically.

● Now for some estimates:

○ non­surgical extractions, in other words, a tooth that is above the gum line, 

○ surgical removal of a tooth averages $200­ - $750 and can go up from there. This 

○ A wisdom tooth extraction costs around $100­ - $200 per tooth it the tooth is above 

○ When the question of insurance arises, the biggest question in what they will 

should cost $80­ - $350. The range is so large because again, it depends on the 

type of anesthetic used, which tooth it is, and which dentist you go to. Add a 

couple hundred dollars for an emergency­type situation.

cost is generally for cases in which a local anesthetic is used. If more extreme 

sedation is requested or required, the price can jump up from $200 - ­$500 more. 

As with anything that is surgically related, complications, such as impaction can 

make the cost increase by $200­ - $350.

the gumline. An impacted, or below the gumline, wisdom tooth ranges from $250­ - $600. 

cover is: “Is the extraction considered a medical necessity?” If yes, the coverage is usually 65% to 75% of the cost of the procedure.