The Best Dental Care Located In The Heart Of Bozeman, MT

A fun fact about Bozeman, Montana: the Gold Rush miners passed through on their way to connect with the Oregon Trail to parts west and south. Home of the American Computer Museum, scenic wonders, such as the Big Sky Resort in MT. 
It is home to Montana State University. Where college football's Bobcats prowl and are king and of course near Yellowstone National Park. 
It is also home to one of the most modern prosthodontist practices in the entire state of Montana. Dr. Chris Helley, who heads up the reThink Dental Studio, where you smile is treated as the most precious thing you own and the good doctor has the experience, knowhow to keep it that way, and restore it if you require it done. 
Dr. Helley can do all of this and more as he is the only prosthodontist in the whole of the Gallatin Valley. 
This means he is qualified to replace missing teeth, putting in crowns, bridges, and implants. 
Our Bozeman, MT location offers a full range of services 
Children are notorious for not following good dental hygiene. Here they can have their checkups and teeth cleanings done quickly and efficiently. 
If any cavities or other dental work needs to be done. It can be done painlessly. Dr. Helley is a specialist in the use of the latest pain free methods of dentistry. He is expert in aesthetic dental restorations. 
If you or your child requires braces or any orthodontic work done. The work can be done in their state of the art Bozeman, Montana fa. We are located right in the heart of Bozeman. 
The list of their services includes: 
● Full mouth restoration and rehabilitation
● Single or multiple tooth replacement
● Implants
● Bridges made to a precise fit
● Dentures expertly molded to fit comfortably in your mouth
● Braces put in and adjusted
● Inlays and Overlays can be done, for those who want a perfect smile.
Teeth Whitening to give you that winning smile that can be make you a success in business or in life
● Night guards to protect against tooth wear and damage. This is caused by grinding your teeth at night while you sleep.
● Damaged teeth rebuilt, which match the original tooth exactly.
● Sports injuries to teeth corrected quickly and painlessly.
● Sealants to fill in gaps and fissures
● Fluoride treatments to stave off tooth decay
● Dr. Helley specializes in the installation of all Porcelain and Ceramic Crowns. These can beautify your teeth. They are also tough as nails, and long lasting
Located centrally and easy to get to for all your dental needs 

Our Bozeman, MT office is located on 19th that crosses the heart of Bozeman and is easy to reach from I-90. This makes it easy for our many clients from Billings, Big Sky, Missoula, Livingston, or Helena. 
We have a spacious and comfortable waiting area for your convince. We also have more than enough parking available to make it easy to park your car, SUV, or pickup. 
So, if you are having pain while brushing. If you need emergency work done on a tooth. If you just want to schedule an exam or a cleaning. 
All you have to do is give Summer, our Bozeman, Montana office manager, a call at 406-587-9700. She'll be happy to schedule you a time to come in for a visit. You can also reach us via Fax at 406-587-9209. 
For those who prefer to use the Internet. You can send an e-Mail to Dr. Helley directly at 

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Your smile is your most precious possession. 
Come, get family dentistry Bozeman mt., and let Dr. Chris Helley at reThink Dental Studio help keep it that way. 
For now and for the rest of your life.