[re]Define The Possibilities

Replacing teeth with dentures or implants doesn’t have to mean reduced functionality or compromised appearance. Dr. Helley’s additional years of prosthetic education beyond dental school focused on applying scientific innovation to dental restorations in order to provide patients with the best possible solutions for missing teeth. The variety of options Dr. Helley offers, and the unparalleled quality of results, redefine what’s possible in advanced dentistry for a broad spectrum of patients.

Prosthetic and Implant Dentistry

Implant Overdentures Implant Overdentures are dentures retained by one or more dental implants. The implant(s) serve to add retention, which helps with rocking, slipping and sore spots. Creating retention without adhesives gives you increased confidence in social situations. Overdentures are removable by the wearer, to allow for maintenance and nightly cleaning of the denture.

Complete Dentures Complete dentures are an option if you're missing all of your teeth and would like to restore generalized chewing function and feel confident smiling again. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to determine if you're a candidate.

All-on-4 Treatment Concept® A fixed detachable bridge is permanently secured onto four or more dental implants. There are many advantages to this solution including maintaining existing bone as well as preventing further bone loss. Your taste sensation remains or is restored, chewing function returns and the minimal amount of acrylic used makes this option the most natural and esthetic.

Full-Arch Rehabilitation Whether you've had multiple crowns placed, have lost one or more teeth, have existing partials or dentures that are ill-fitting, have periodontal disease, failing implants, or just aren't happy with your smile, Dr. Helley is an expert in coordinating any and all necessary treatment, even if that includes multiple specialists being involved.

TMD: Temporomandibular Disorders This is characterized by limited or compromised movement of the hinge in your jaw that connects to the temporal bones of your skull, creating pain, discomfort while chewing, yawning, or opening your mouth. Dr. Helley will complete a comprehensive exam and discuss any history of clenching, grinding, trauma or whiplash, prior surgeries and orthodontia treatment to help him formulate a treatment plan, if necessary.

No Visible Clasp Partial Dentures Dr. Helley is able to make partial removable dentures with no visible metal clasping. If you have an existing partial denture that does not fit correctly, or if you don't like the metal clasping, Dr. Helley would be happy to discuss alternatives and repairs.

Single & Multi-Tooth Implants If you've lost a single tooth, a single dental implant can be placed which replaces the natural root of your tooth, and becomes the foundation for a prosthetic crown. This option avoids the need to prepare adjacent teeth if the alternative option of a bridge was completed.

Additional Areas of Pertinence and Study:

Maxillofacial Prosthetics

Obturator Prosthesis