What is Advanced Dentistry?

Although many dental offices tell you that they offer Advanced Dental Care, it is not always fully 

explained what that is. So let us a [re]Think Dentistry explain it to you.

As the field of dentistry advances every year, we keep up so that we are able to provide you 

with the most up to date techniques. This ensures that you will receive the best, most up­to­date 

care available, resulting in a healthy, happy mouth. 

When we tell you that we offer Advanced Dental Care, we are telling you that we go above and 

beyond standard dental practice requirements. The degree required to operate a dental practice 

is a DMD or DDS degree. A DDS is a Doctor of Dental Surgery, and a DMD is a Doctor of 

Dental Medicine. One of these is not necessarily better than the other, as they both are 

educated in the same content. The difference generally lies in what the accredited school 

chooses to call their degree. 

As we mentioned, we do not operate our practice based solely on the information given for the 

certification. We are constantly pursuing continued education and getting additional 

certifications in dentistry as the field advances. This can give you peace of mind knowing that 

we are always informed and skilled in the latest advances in the dental field. We say skilled 

because we are not only informed of the advances, but are also able to execute them. If you are 

curious about what sort of further education we have pursued and how it affects any procedures 

that you may undergo, feel free to ask us. We will be happy to explain to you the most recent 

advances in dental care and how it benefits you.