What is pediatric dentistry?

At [re]Think Dentistry we offer not only Advanced Dental Care for you, but also for your child or

children. Pediatric dentistry is considered to cover your child’s dental care from birth through 

adolescence. Generally the first dental checkup should be within six months of your baby’s first 

tooth. This early checkup is beneficial to make sure that there are no signs of tooth decay, and if 

there are, they can be addressed sooner than later. Having that leg up on your child’s dental 

care can make all the difference in their future dental visits. Addressing any problems early on, 

or just maintaining the health of your child’s teeth offers a huge advantage in ensuring overall 

good health. 

The first step in digestive health is a healthy mouth. Not to mention the many other benefits the 

human body receives from having a completely healthy mouth. As you may already know, the 

arrival of a child’s first teeth is sometimes a difficult event in their life, and yours. Your baby’s 

mouth is undergoing huge changes as new teeth begin to erupt from their gums. Inflammation 

of the area naturally occurs, and this plays a large role in the overall discomfort of the child’s 

mouth. Drooling and congestion are mostly due to this inflammation. The time range in which 

children’s first teeth develop is fairly wide, but is usually between five and eight months of age. It 

is most common to see the lower front teeth first of all. And if you have a baby girl, her teeth 

may appear earlier than a baby boy’s would. 

There is still a risk of tooth disease or decay in baby teeth, and although they eventually fall out, 

these problems still need to be addressed so that the issue doesn’t lead to further 

complications. This decay most often appears in the form of cavities. The decay and 

subsequent growth of bacteria is not the only problem, but pain and sensitivity may be present 

as well. This pain and sensitivity can make it very difficult for your baby to consume their food, 

which can also lead to more serious problems. In many cases of tooth decay in baby teeth 

fillings are recommended. Rest assured we generally do not fill baby teeth that are about fall out 

naturally. But baby teeth that are going to stay in the mouth for a while do need to be filled. If 

these sorts of issues go untreated they can create many issues for the upcoming adult teeth.

Think of a healthy person moving into an infected building, where they are liable to get sick. 

Even though they started off healthy, by moving into a place ridden with disease, they are most 

likely going to contract that disease. Teeth are not the only concern here either, as gum health 

plays a very large part in overall oral health. As your child grows, and adult teeth come in, we 

can help keep everything disease free. Our priority is prevention of oral problems, and 

establishing a good dental routine early on in your child’s life will help make our priority a reality. 

With all of these reasons in mind you can see the importance of maintaining your child’s dental 

health. At [re]Think Dentistry your child will be in good hands, so call us today at 406.587.9700