What is the procedure for dental implants?

Here at [re]Think Dentistry our specialty is creating structurally sound, and aesthetically

beautiful tooth replacements. If you have lost one or more teeth, whatever the cause may be, 

dental implants are the best option to get that beautiful smile back on your face. There is a 

cosmetic side to getting this type of dental work done, but there are also many medical benefits 

you may not be aware of. 

As dental hygiene plays a huge part in the health of the rest of your body, losing a tooth is an 

open invitation to many other dental ailments.  When your body loses a tooth, you naturally 

begin to chew on the opposite side of your mouth. The continued use of one side of the mouth 

can lead to jaw problems. Teeth also have a very interdependent support structure and when 

there is a break in that structure, that support is reduced greatly. There is also a greater risk of 

infection from bacteria that becomes lodged in the newly vacant space in your gums. 

While a dental implant may sound like an extreme procedure, it consists of a simple three­step 

process that is most often not as painful as it sounds. 

● First we will place what is called an anchor into the bone of either your jaw or top 

of your mouth, depending on which tooth or teeth were lost. We secure the 

anchor of the implant where your root used to be, and now you have an artificial 

root that isn’t going anywhere. This anchor, generally made of titanium, is the 

firm foundation and most important part of your dental implant.

● Once the foundation is fixed surgically into the bone, we move on to the next step 

which is placing what is called an abutment. This abutment functions as a 

spacer, and as the next solid point in the structure. This part of the implant 

remains under the gumline and is not visible. 

● The third and final step in this process is where the beauty happens, your 

carefully crafted crown is fixed on top of the abutment. The crown is the visible 

part of the implant, and looks and feels just like a tooth. The base of the crown 

will be covered by your gums and the crown will completely fill the vacant area of 

tooth loss. We make sure to color match the crown with the surrounding teeth so 

that there is no difference in shade from the rest of your teeth. The crown is also 

made of a material that cannot be stained, so as long as you continue to care for 

your teeth and come in for regular cleanings, all of your pearly whites will stay 


As with any dental procedure, implant cases will vary slightly from person to person. What we 

have laid out for you above is a general summary of the dental implant process. As with any 

medical or dental procedure, there are pros and cons to this type of work, but we work hard to 

ensure that the positive side heavily outweighs any negatives. We would be more than happy to 

guide you through the specific details in person, as well as answer any questions you may have. 

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