Why don’t my dentures fit anymore?

If you have had your dentures for longer than you can remember it is probably time to get a new 

set constructed! Dentures generally retain a good fit for 4 to 5 years. After this time, the

bones in the mouth shift to a point where the mouth is no longer the same shape as when the 

dentures were originally fitted.

There is a symbiotic relationship between the teeth and bones of the mouth that is affected 

when teeth are no longer present. Your two main bones in play here are the jawbone and the 

palatinus bone. The palatinus bone is the bone that makes up the upper part of your mouth. 

When the jawbone and palatinus bone no longer have teeth to support, and are no longer 

supported by the teeth, they begin to shrink in size. This shrinkage is called atrophy. Atrophy is 

a common term when referring to muscular injuries, but it does in fact happen to bones as well. 

When atrophy occurs, the shape of your mouth changes so much that the dentures that you

had fitted a few years ago become ill-fitted and may create sore spots and discomfort. 

Your first instinct when this starts to happen may be to apply more adhesive to the dentures, 

and although this may work for a short period, there are some studies that show that this is 

liable to cause faster atrophy in these bones. 

If you experience looseness with your dentures, give us a call at 406.587.9700 so we can help 

you get that problem fixed. Not all cases require a new set of dentures, and be assured that if 

we can make adjustments to make your current dentures fit snug again, we will. If we cannot 

make the existing dentures work, we are happy to construct a new set for you.